Samuel was 70 when he wrote this letter to his son and daughter-in-law. He died of lung cancer one month after.


Dear Barry and Sandy:

A few words to express my feelings and thoughts while time is running out on me.

Some standard values that I have basically lived by throughout my life, are that I have always believed in honesty and advocated truthfulness. I cherish the family with all my heart. I always felt that I gave of myself to everyone in the family. The satisfaction and gratification that I received in return is in the accomplishments of my children. No father could be as proud as your father is of you. Throughout your lifetime so far, you have more than exceeded my greatest expectations. You continue to move forward in a manner that makes me love you more and more. I’m proud to say “that’s my son!”

Through the years, I’ve tried to take care of my family and give them some of the better things in life. I tried and succeeded in being able to give my children a good education. Although I was only a working man, many was the time I worked two jobs for the extra money so that the family could have a little bit more. I had often thought of going into some kind of business, but I didn’t have the expertise in any particular field, or the finances to afford the luxury of risk. However, I’m proud to say that you have shown me through the years, the aggressiveness that I lacked emerged in you.

I have tried to be financially sound and leave behind an adequate amount of finances to carry your mother through the rest of her days. Being no one can predict the future, I ask that should it ever be necessary, see that your mother remains comfortable financially and otherwise.

Sandy, you have always made me proud with your accomplishments and different endeavors. You have never undertaken a task that was under-achieved. Through the years you have been in my confidence and as close as a daughter. I love you and the girls deeply.

My concentration is not too great at this point as I’m sure I can say much more. Barry could not have picked a finer mate. You are a good wife and excellent mother. I feel a father and daughter relation to you.

I hope Alisha and Hannah follow in the footsteps of the family and their traditions. I love you all.


(Shared with the permission of Celebrations of Life)

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