Henry, age 72, wrote this message to his family (spouse and 7 children) to be read on the one-year anniversary of his death.

This may be a difficult day for all of you. There may have been moments that seemed to never end and yet it may seem like just yesterday I was there with you. You made it through the firsts! I am proud of all of you and hope you are a stronger family because of it. My faith is what gives me a great sense of serenity at the end and I pray it has carried you through this last year as well.

I took great pride in being the head of our family. I smile when I think about the new roles each of you have in keeping our traditions going. (Kids) I hope you are honoring your mom, caring for her and managing her affairs as I have requested. I am so proud of each one of you and the way that you have chosen to use your unique gifts to benefit others. (Virginia, love of my life) I am preparing a place for you so that we can dance together again. My life was full because of you.

Think of me today, share stories, laugh, cry and feel me close to you. Know that I always loved you and that I knew I was loved. 

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