Eva's family created this book while she was still living, to honor her with their memories and love. (Below is a sample.)

July 2013

Dear Family,

I’ve been working on a legacy letter about Mom/Grandma which includes memories from several of us as shared throughout this book. I am so happy that we are providing these remembrances to pass down to the next generation. I want Mom to be remembered for the very strong, resilient, positive person that she is and I appreciate the contributions you have all made.

I also want Mom to be remembered for the courageous and positive way she has handled herself since the onset of her illness. Even as she is fading as the illness progresses, Mom makes many references to the importance of doing the best one can, taking things as they come, and making the best of things. This has provided her with the emotional strength she has demonstrated in coping so well. She is dearly loved by the staff at Sholom who provide for her care as she is always very sweet, gentle, and appreciative of everything that comes her way. I am very proud of her.

Love, Judy

Memories from Daughter, Judy

My earliest memories of my mother are of resting in bed with her in the afternoon when she would stroke my hair behind my ear or hold my hand. I felt very secure and loved. I recall her telling me very early on how happy she was to have a little girl but, this didn’t negate her joy over having a son, as well, and having her complete little family. (This was a brief sample from Eva's hardcover Life Reflection Story shared with the permission of Celebrations of Life.)

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