Donna - age 57. This milestone message was written to her 17-year-old grandson, to be given to him by his mom.


Dear Tyler-

I asked your mom to give this card to you during a time when something positive is happening for you (a graduation, a promotion, a celebration of sorts) or when you are facing a crisis and need encouragement.  I call these life’s “ah ha moments”. These events happen throughout your life. Every one of them is different and there is something to be learned from each one. Seize these occasions and do your best to understand them. They can make you arrogant or humble, better or bitter. I want you to be extraordinary because that is who you are.

When you came into the world I vividly remember watching your mom hold you for the first time. I said to her “He is a miracle!” I knew then that you were something special and this world would be a better place because you were in it. That moment changed us all.

As I write this to you I am in one of my life’s aha moments, knowing that my time on earth is limited. I have a great peace and know everything will be okay. I am making the most of what I have been given, and I want you to always do the same. Follow your heart. 

I celebrate with you; I grieve with you. I am here, always in your heart, always your biggest fan.

You are loved!

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