Bonnie created a hardcover book to preserve her story, in her words. (Below is a sample.)

August, 2012

Dear Michael, Steve, Jim, Bill, Joy, Jill, John, Rob, Kipp, Joel, Precious, Mark, Grandchildren, and Great-Grandchildren,

I have written this story to share my memories, wisdom, wishes and love for each of you. While it is not of great length, I believe it will provide you with some insights into my life and our family history. I also hope this story serves as a reminder of my love and gratitude for having each of you in my life.


My Parents and Grandparents

My parents were Alvin and Bernice (Volk) Kopischke. They were Polish and German, but born in the United States. They lived and raised my sister and me in Clements, Minnesota, a small town, and a nosy community. I liked it, though, probably because I had never experienced anything else. My dad was a carpenter and my mother was a housewife. They first lived on a rented farm, but later moved into town. Dad became a carpenter and was very good at it even after he cut his thumb off using a table saw.

In thinking back, I wonder, how did my parents make it? Did they live a hard life?

My father Alvin only spoke German until he went to school, where he learned English. Alvin had 16 brothers and sisters!  (This was a brief sample of Bonnie's Life Reflection Story shared with the permission of Celebrations of Life.)

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