Ann, age 43 created this letter which accompanied a 12-month calendar that was given to her spouse and children before she died from breast cancer.


My gift to all of you is this calendar. I chose this because you know it has always been my tradition to give you a calendar every Christmas.  This year you get only one to share.  It is my hope that this will bring you together at least once a month to read the messages that I have written to you.  It is important to me that you “stay connected”; I know this will be difficult at times but I want you to work at it and stay organized so you spend time together.  It doesn’t happen on its own.  This first year will be a challenge as you integrate my absence into your life.  Everyone with deal with this in their own way. Respect each other, take care of and support one another.  Everyone is different and will need different things. This calendar is a collection of my words and is my final gift to you. I pray it brings you closer together.  

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