I have a bachelors and masters degree in social work.

In December 2013, I was licensed and certified as an independent Legacy Navigator® by Celebrations of Life in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

I discovered my passion for legacy work after 8 years in hospice care. I believe that preserving your legacy is not about death and dying but about honoring life and the spirit of continued living. 

After leaving the clinical work setting to be more available to my husband and beautiful family, a former co-worker called with news she was dying of cancer.

"The doctors are telling me that I have four weeks, Kerri. I need you to help me prepare...for my family. I don't want anyone else."

And so we began a journey.

We wrote milestone letters to her grandson that he will read on various birthdays. We created a family calendar. And we wrote a touching love letter to her beloved spouse.

The experience changed me.  I realized why she had called.  I discovered this work is my purpose.

Since then I have walked this path with many friends, family members, and clients.  Each time is an honor.

I believe one of the most valuable gifts we can give to ourselves and our loved ones is our story.

Remembering and reflecting upon our life experiences, our unique adventures, and identifying what truly mattered is a fulfilling process. What's more, it's an expression of love that will last. Always.

"Kerri has such a professional, yet personal, kind and compassionate way of loving people. She is very insightful, with a special gift of seeing where people are in their life and providing the guidance they need. "  - Peggy Confer, Hospice RN

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