It is time to honor your journey!

Perhaps ahead is a moment of celebration…
You are anticipating the birth of a child. Your 50th birthday is approaching. This is the year of your golden anniversary.

Perhaps you have recently been diagnosed with an illness…
You are a parent, a grandparent. You made a difference in the world. You want to leave a final gift to those you love.

Perhaps you have recently experienced a loss...
You are grieving. You don’t want to forget their journey. You want something you can go back to that honors their life. 

My name is Kerri Denell and I am a certified Legacy Navigator®.

I inspire people to discover how they want to be remembered and guide them through the process of taking that vision and turning it into a tangible gift that can be shared with future generations.

Together, we can create:

  • Legacy Letters
  • Life Reflection Stories
  • Milestone Messages
  • Legacy Offerings
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"It's difficult to find the words to express how incredibly grateful I am for Kerri's guidance throughout the most difficult time of my life." 
- Heather H.

This experience is different for everyone. While I do use a guided process, you are always in control.

My role is to serve as a guide - your personal legacy navigator - to empower you to create your legacy gift. 

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"I strongly recommend all of Kerri's services as they were very helpful to my mother, my family, and me."

- Brieanna L.

The cornerstone of our lives is about making connections with others. By taking this journey, you have the opportunity to strengthen those connections with your loved ones for generations.

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I have a bachelors and masters degree in social work.

In December 2013, I was licensed and certified as an independent Legacy Navigator® by Celebrations of Life in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

I discovered my passion for legacy work after 8 years in hospice care. I believe that preserving your legacy is not about death and dying but about honoring life and the spirit of continued living. 

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